Open Positions

I have currently have three upcoming positions, for which I am not yet actively looking for people, but where I would be glad to see people getting in touch with me.

1) Pre-Doctoral Student: Accelerator Compilation

In the context of my SNF Ambizione project am looking for a young researcher with a finshed master degree who is interested in a position as a research engineer at ETH starting around mid 2017.

2) Post-Doc: Applied Polyhedral Compilation

In the context of Polly Labs we are looking for one post-doctoral researcher starting around the end of 2017.

3) Post-Doc: Accelerator Compilation

In the context of my SNF Ambizione project on compilation for heterogenous hardware I am slowly looking for a post-doctoral researcher with a starting date sometimes in 2018.

Initiative Applications

In case you are interested in a post-doc or doctoral position, I am glad to support exceptional candiates to apply at the SPCL research group here at ETH.


If you are interested, please email a brief statement of interest ,i.e., why you are interested and what is special about you, and attach your CV in PDF format. Applications should be sent to tobias dot grosser at inf dot ethz dot ch and should contain the tag [JOB] in the subject line.

Further Information

ETH Zurich and SPCL

ETH Zurich and its Computer Science Department offer excellent facilities for studying and recreation. The department is among the leading institutions in Europe and worldwide. SPCL performs first class research on scalable high-performance networks and protocols, middleware, operating system and runtime systems, parallel programming languages and constructs, as well as scalable data access. As member of the ETH Systems Group, we work closely with experts of computer architecture, data center computing, database and data processing, and operating system design. SPCL is a founding member of Polly Labs, where we work on expanding the theoretical foundations of polyhedral program models and use them to develop practical compilation tools, that help to exploit the performance capabilities of today’s hardware architectures.

Zurich as international visitors

The language of the group is English. English is also well understood in Zurich and its surroundings, i.e., it’s absolutely no problem if candidates do not speak German. Zurich is located less than one hour from the Alps, and is a small but vibrant city offering one of the best living standards in the world. Zurich is well connected to major European cities and has a large international community.