We are recruiting!

We have open positions as BSc/MSc research intern, Research Scientists, PhD Student, and PostDoc and are continuously hiring.

We also have open positions at Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, France.

Potential Areas of Research

We use strong theoretic foundations to solve practical problems through open-source software. We are interested in inter-disciplinary research at the intersection of these topics:

  • Compilers (LLVM)
  • Static Analysis of C++ code (clang)
    • Abstract Interpretation based Program Analysis
    • Performance and Cache Models
    • Test Case Generation
  • Human–Compiler Interface
  • Domain Specific Compilation
  • High-Performance Computing
    • Loop Optimization & Polyhedral Compilation (Polly)
    • Vectorization
    • Compilation for Accelerators: GPU (Polly-ACC), FPGA (Enzian)
  • Open Source Hardware
    • Compiler Support for RISC-V
    • Software/hardware Codesign
  • SMT and Constraint Solving (Z3, isl)
    • Mixed Integer Linear Programming
    • SAT Solving
    • Parametric Counting Using Barvinok’s Algorithm
  • Automatic Theorem Proving for Compiler Verification and Constraint Solving Solving (Lean, Coq)
  • Effective Compilation from Functional Languages to Imperative Code
  • Artificial Intelligence for Compilers and Constraint Solvers

Who are we looking for?

Our research group is purposefully diverse but joined by a strong desire to learn, explore, and dig deep into any of the topics we are interested in. Do you see yourself doing cutting-edge research with direct practical impact have strong foundations in computer science or mathematics. Do you want to write high-quality software, to collaborate on computer architecture design, or to develop and proof new mathematical algorithms? Do enjoy both working as a team and collaborate internationally while at the same time appreciate focused self-guided work? Is there a desire to do high-quality work? If this is you, we would like to talk to you!

Formal requirements:

  • Internships: BSc/MSc/PhD students are eligible for internships (3-12 months)
  • PhD: Master’s degree required
  • Research Scientist: Master’s degree required
  • Post-Doc: (almost) finished PhD

There is no unique technical skill we require. Relevant experience in some of the potential research topics should be pointed out, but we appreciate also candidates who move fields but can make a strong case why they will be productive in our areas of interest.


A convincing application should include:

  • a letter of motivation covering your research interests
  • your CV, degrees, and grades
  • the earliest possible starting date
  • if available
    • a copy of your thesis
    • pointers to open source projects you contribute to, hackatons you participated, competitions you completed
    • previous publications (including descriptions of your contributions)
    • reference letters or contact information for references

Applications should be sent to tobias dot grosser at inf dot ethz dot ch and should include the tag [JOB] in the subject.

ETH Zurich and SPCL

ETH Zurich and its Computer Science Department offer excellent facilities for studying and recreation. The department is among the leading institutions in Europe and worldwide. SPCL performs – beyond the topics discussed above – first class research on high-performance networks and protocols, middleware, operating system and runtime systems, parallel programming languages and constructs, as well as scalable data access. As member of the ETH Systems Group, we work closely with experts of computer architecture, data center computing, database and data processing, and operating system design. SPCL is a founding member of Polly Labs, where we work on expanding the theoretical foundations of polyhedral program models and use them to develop practical compilation tools, that help to exploit the performance capabilities of today’s hardware architectures.

The language of the group is English. English is also well understood in Zurich and its surroundings, i.e., it’s absolutely no problem if candidates do not speak German. Zurich is located less than one hour from the Alps, and is a small but vibrant city offering one of the best living standards in the world. Zurich is well connected to major European cities and has a large international community. Due to Zurich’s small size and the good train connections your daily commute is exceptionally short (15-20 minutes) and comfortable.


ETH Zurich pays very competitive salarys for both PhD and PostDoc positions. ETH Zurich salaries normally more than offset the relatively high cost of living in Switzerland and are amongst the highest research salaries worldwide.

Work Life Balance

Scientific research targeted at outstanding scientific contributions is by nature competitive and at times stressful. To obtain exceptional scientific results it is especially important to ensure a relaxed atmosphere with time to focus, collaborate, and invest in a research agenda that sets you apart from day-to-day competition. We support a work-style that allows you to be productive while at the same time ensures that you have the resources to build yourself a strong out-of-work network.

We offer five weeks of paid vacations each year.

PhD students and PostDocs with families can apply for flexibility grants to get additional support while raising children.

ETH Zurich has an extensive set of sport classes, provides Yoga classes throughout the day directly in the CS building, and even has a sleeping room to overcome tiredness in the afternoon.